Tag: Crew


  • Clam

    Boatswain and ship's cook of _Creation's Lodestar_ Enlightened mortal Originally from Skullstone

  • Shahz Taoru

    Acting Commander of _Blackstar_ Enlightened mortal Originally a street rat from Chiaroscuro, was an Immaculate monk who studied the Way of Danaa'd. In a relationship with Lina.

  • Creation's Lodestar

    The little god of Zhui's ship, _Creation's Lodestar._ Previously known as the _Steadfast Shining Virtue._ "Perhaps a foot tall, like a little doll--a woman of wood, with silken hair, like a shred of sail. She wears no clothing." Has a "voice …

  • Peleps Lirell

    Enlightened mortal Husband: Peleps Arlin (deceased). Children: Peleps Guion, Peleps Dalai, Peleps Ruyin. Sister: Peleps Kara (obnoxious busybody), married to Cynis Dairo (Thousand Scales bureaucrat). Was deceived by Netar and lived with her for …

  • Lina

    Chosen of Battles First Age incarnation: Sanguine Rain, Devon's sifu and the man who killed Tammiz Ushun With Brin, led the group of orphans in the forest between the City of the Steel Lotus and Prosperous Garden. Joined Zhui's crew after expressing …

  • Soren

    Demonblood. Father: Octavian. Mother: unknown. Siblings: Rio. Originally from Nexus. Defected from Durance's army in the Lap. Rescued by the Solars from being burned at the stake by villagers. Helped the Solars find Durance. Joined Zhui's crew in Dari. …

  • Unseen Knife

    Pterok Dragon King Was once a member of Five Thousand Raindrops' aerial navy. The Solars woke her from hibernation in the ruins of Hlass. Joined Zhui's crew so that together they could gather and enlighten the other dragon kings. Also has a human …

  • Lieutenant Leran

    Enlightened mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, now a member of Zhui's crew, along with nineteen other Legionnaires. Followed Zhui into battle at the siege of Mount Hlass, then joined Zhui's crew along with the rest of his men. Had been looking for …

  • Pai Nelo

    Mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, but joined Zhui's crew along with Leran and other Legionnaires. Volunteered to accompany Zhui to Yu-Shan in order to retrieve Lina. "nervously convicted"

  • Osan Choji

    Deceased Mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, but joined Zhui's crew along with Leran and other Legionnaires. Was killed in Joy's resonance eruption off the coast of Marukan.