Incarna of the moon.

Halted time after the battle at the Salient in order to speak with the Solars in response to Zan’s prayer. Showed the Solars visions of the past, including Thorleif’s and Arlin’s exaltations.

“Luna’s eyes shift in color even as you watch, a rainbow or a mixture of dyes forever making new and beautiful patterns.” … “Luna speaks with a voice that haunts, that draws your ear. It’s difficult not to close your eyes and listen when she speaks.”

Other aspects:

“a fellow…this fellow’s belly is large, as if he were with child. His hair is white, his eyes kind.”

“A blood-covered woman…snarling, hair wild. She rests a silver axe on her shoulder.”

“another fellow…he walks in white, with a turban. His face is smooth, but with an air of having seen the world.”


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