Ghostblooded mortal

Believes himself to be the new Shining One, due to a message from the Whispers, which awoke in him when he saw Hush from a window. Cultivated a cult in his small home village in the north until his blasphemy caught the Bishop’s attention. Sweetest and Wisp brought him back to the Hidden Tabernacle, where he was groomed for a Midnight exaltation. Hush spoke with him and gave him a negative intimacy for violence.

Probably the Bishop’s ghostblooded progeny.

Last seen at the Hidden Tabernacle.

“a young man—a fifteen-year old boy, perhaps…His hair is bone-white, and sticks almost straight up into the air, as if he were always falling…he is… achingly handsome. Drawn, like he were half-dead, but exquisite in that…his irises are so pale as to seem almost white.”


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