Twilight Caste

Zhui’s immediate First Age predecessor. Was visited by Mara as a mortal and loved by her for his dark destiny. Revolutionized and standardized sorcery. Was the Headmaster of the sorcerous academy at Sperimin. Invented the field of motonic physics. Enjoyed haiku and martial arts. Practiced Fate’s Guardian Style and Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style. Created the Charms Truth Shines Through and Shedding Infinite Radiance, and the thaumaturgical ritual Reactive Planning.

Embarked on a massive secret project for which he gathered a Circle consisting of Cat, the Unimpeachable Arbiter, Silur and Salina. Silur’s lover. Set up Zhui’s destiny to culminate in finding the Orrery of Arainthu. Committed suicide via Unconquerable Self.

Was the previous incarnation of Zhui’s mortal soul as well.

Manse: Devon’s Retreat (five locations)

Sorcerous trials
Emerald Circle:
Humility: Enslavement.
Fear: A world of darkness and lies.
Journey: Escape.
Tutelage: Mara.
Sacrifice: My mortal life.

Sapphire Circle:
Humility: Still I feel.
Fear: Myself.
Journey: Outside of Creation.
Tutelage: Hano.
Sacrifice: My ignorance.

Adamant Circle:
Humility: Failure to understand others.
Fear: An inescapable future.
Journey: Rathess.
Tutelage: Arainthu.
Sacrifice: The life I wanted.

You [Zhui]:
Humility: The future.
Fear: Death.
Journey: Away from the world.
Tutelage: The past.
Sacrifice: The Solar Exalted.


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