Campaign Timeline of Events

17 Ascending Water, 722: Peleps Arlin is born.

9 Resplendent Fire, 725: Peleps Lirell is born.

24 Descending Air, 737: Armbjorn (Arem) is born.

10 Descending Earth, 741: Lirell marries Arlin.

20 Ascending Air, 742: Peleps Ruyin is born.

2 Descending Water, 742: Arem’s family’s caravan is attacked. Arem is separated from Thorleif and taken into slavery.

18 Resplendent Earth, 744: Zan is born.

25 Descending Fire, 746: Peleps Guion is born.

12 Ascending Earth, 751: Arem says goodbye to Bliss, who is sold by Joachin’s father.

15 Resplendent Earth, 751: Peleps Dalai is born.

13 Descending Wood, 757: Xango leaves Par.

16 Resplendent Fire, 759: Guion joins the crew of Peleps Kyrin for the Circumnavigation and breaks off his engagement to Cynis Tyla.

2 Calibration, 759: Moga dies.

27 Ascending Air, 766: Arlin dies.

22 Ascending Water, 766: Tyre delivers a letter to Guion regarding Arlin’s death.

2 Resplendent Water, 766: Guion leaves the Blessed Isle.

25 Resplendent Wood, 766: Guion exalts and speaks to the Unconquered Sun.

24 Resplendent Earth, 767: Zhui signs on as Shin Ji Soon Mahl Kwan’s navigator.

17 Descending Wood, 767: Beneath the Hush of Winter, Shimmering Wisp of the Effluvium of Innocence, Sevenfold Song of Sweetest Despair and Broken Threads of Fate travel to Stygia on the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible’s behest to investigate the White Fire River. The Abyssals discover the existence of the End of the Beginning. Broken goes renegade to serve the End of the Beginning.

20 Resplendent Air, 768: Tyre speaks to Zan about pirates.

23 Resplendent Air, 768: Pirates attack Par. Zan exalts.

27 Ascending Water, 768: Zan signs on as Shin’s ship’s doctor and muscle.

4 Ascending Wood, 768: Shin’s Circle teams up with Cynis Megara and acquires an implosion bow.

27 Descending Fire, 768: Tyre deliberately sabotages Arem, causing Arem’s subsequent punishment.

1 Ascending Air, 769: Zhui and Zan leave Shin at port. The Knight that Drowns in Blood fails to kill Arem. Arem exalts. (Realm Foundation Day)

19 Ascending Air, 769: Zhui hires the crew at Windgate and takes on Sesus Taj as a passenger. Arem joins the crew.

27 Ascending Air, 769: Taj dies.

7 Resplendent Air, 769: Shattered Goblet Laced with Lies is run out of Crescent.

12 Resplendent Air, 769: The Solars meet Lovely Silken Dancer and Dalai in Gullwing.

17 Descending Air, 769: The Solars visit the false Arbiter in the Wyld and defeat the High Father of the Church of Balor. Steadfast Shining Virtue is renamed Creation’s Lodestar.

4 Ascending Water, 769: The Solars meet the Harbinger of Lost Hope in the Underworld.

10 Ascending Water, 769: The Solars rescue Junan Waveskimmer and Parfolk from Lord Honesty, and other Parfolk from the Pearl Court, including Zam.

11 Ascending Water, 769: The Solars encounter a Wyld storm and go to Saigoth.

XXXX: The Solars relive their lives in reverse. The Solars and Joy speak with the Exile and their fates are rebuilt to herald his coming. Ma’aseh, the Tale that Spins the Mind, shows the Solars the story of the Exile. The Solars and Joy meet the Walker in White, meet Vigilant Talon and the ghosts of Utopia, fight the Worm That Hungers and see the Sword of Judgment, and sail away from Saigoth.

21 Ascending Water, 769: The Solars meet up with the Savior from Cruel Joy.

10 Resplendent Water, 769: The Solars talk with the Dancer again on Par. Arem attempts to remember Saigoth.

28 Resplendent Water, 769: The Solars and Joy discover Devon’s Retreat.

5 Descending Water, 769: The Solars chase off a Circle of Abyssals belonging to the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters.

2 Ascending Earth, 769: Iron Falcon visits the Hidden Tabernacle and speaks with Hush.

9 Ascending Earth, 769: Zhui talks with Dalai in Azure. The Solars meet with Shin. Kanaka the White Wind is left behind. Shin and Len Yi escape the Wyld Hunt.

10 Ascending Earth, 769: Nemesis takes the Solars to Yu-Shan.

17 Ascending Earth, 769: Zan breaks the Last Innocent’s oath. The Solars escape from Yu-Shan.

25 Ascending Earth, 769: The Solars and the crew avert Lodestar’s fate in the storm.

27 Ascending Earth, 769: Zhui challenges Sesus Netar to a duel in Starfall and is defeated. Lirell and Kora join the crew.

9 Resplendent Earth, 769: The Solars meet Dominic at Gateway.

16 Resplendent Earth, 769: The Solars kill a tomescu and an eristrufa.

17 Resplendent Earth, 769: The Solars are the guests of honor at a feast on the Isle of Rainbow Coral with Junan, Brilliant Eyes, So, and Lady Asimar.

12 Descending Earth, 769: The Solars arrive in the City of the Steel Lotus in An-Teng.

13 Descending Earth, 769: The Knight that Drowns in Blood dies. Brin dies. Lina joins the crew.

14 Descending Earth, 769: The Solars meet the Pale Mistress in Prosperous Garden.

15 Descending Earth, 769: The Solars meet Five Days Darkness in Prosperous Garden.

18 Descending Earth, 769: The Solars meet up with Megara in Adorned With Wisdom as a Sapphire.

21 Descending Earth, 769: Zhui is bitten by the Pale Mistress in Sapphire.

28 Descending Earth, 769: The Solars meet Dannath “Cade” Arcadia at Thousand Dragons Lake.

1 Ascending Wood, 769: The Solars find Cat’s manse in Piercing Stone, and meet Janos and Eese.

6 Ascending Wood, 769: The Solars reach the Pinnacle of Mercy.

8 Ascending Wood, 769: Zhui wakes up and recovers.

9 Ascending Wood, 769: The Solars speak with the Golden Lord, and leave Zam and Kora behind. Joy enters the service of the Golden Lord to pay for his crimes. The Solars discover Eishu Kindness’ realm and fight Legion. Legion and her automata escape into the world. The Solars learn from Five Days Darkness that Saigoth was an island of red clay.

17 Ascending Wood, 769: The Solars learn in Sapphire that they are wanted throughout the Realm and the Threshold. Starfall is destroyed. Smiling Dragonfly, Iron Temper and Arcadia begin investigating Starfall.

19 Ascending Wood, 769: The Solars return to Lodestar at Dragon’s Jaw.

20 Ascending Wood, 769: Dragonfly, Temper and Arcadia track Nero and Kugo back to Yu-Shan and begin a thorough investigation.

2 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars avoid a fight with a Lintha captain who has commandeered two Fire Fleet triremes.

6 Resplendent Wood, 769: Kugo attacks The Night Sky Held in a Still River.

7 Resplendent Wood, 769: Dragonfly, Temper and Arcadia begin their journey to Gem.

12 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars arrive in the Lap and begin the hunt for the Warlord Durance. The Solars rescue Soren and meet Scalelord Cathak Janora and the Cult of the Illuminated.

13 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars meet Blissful Silence in Butternut. Zhui attempts to remember Saigoth.

14 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars kill the gilmyne posing as Durance in Butternut.

16 Resplendent Wood, 769: Zan receives a tamashi from the Mendicant. The Solars meet Dozima Wokish at Darazi’s Chair and discover Lina’s destiny.

17 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars sneak into the Penitent.

18 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars meet Sin/Silur and escape the Penitent.

19 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars receive a summons via A Canticle for Hope.

21 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars arrive at Lake Granias and parley with Durance. Dragonfly, Temper and Arcadia arrive in Gem.

22 Resplendent Wood, 769: Battle for Lake Granias. Durance escapes.

23 Resplendent Wood, 769: Shahz Taoru becomes an enlightened mortal.

24 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars meet up with Janora in Long Orchard.

27 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars fight Sesus Toran, withstand a magical sandstorm, kill Durance and capture Rio. Dragonfly, Temper and Arcadia defeat Sondok. Ligier’s army invades Yu-Shan and Ligier alters the Loom of Fate.

28 Resplendent Wood, 769: The Solars and Wokish receive word of the invasion of Yu-Shan from Arcadia. The Solars learn from Rio that Tever Marsune brings news of Sin’s nature to the Legions. Snow falls in the desert of the southern Lap.

1 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars hear the rumor that “Lightning” has killed four of the Lap’s Landholder Council.

4 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars arrive in Butternut.

6 Descending Wood, 769: Chejop Kejak forms the Convention on Apocalypse. Sin’s essence clone and Blissful Silence arrive in Butternut. The Solars escape the Realm Legions and learn that Blissful Silence is an Infernal Exalt.

7 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars return to Lodestar and depart the Lap, avoiding the Fire Fleet and the Legions with a storm.

11 Descending Wood, 769: Arem buys several dozen escaped slaves from a Guild merchant and sets them free.

12 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars arrive in Paragon. At midnight, the citizens of Paragon riot in the streets. The Solars meet Scarlet Whisper and negotiate with the Perfect. The Solars arrive in the ruins of Dari and travel through the Dari freehold.

13 Descending Wood, 769: Meticulous Owl steals the Orb of Peace and Order from the Patient Tinkerer On Behalf of Rakshakind. The Solars track Owl to the tomb of Shining Ocelot and retrieve the Orb. The Solars find a First Age factory-cathedral and speak to the Unconquered Sun at His temple.

14 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars barter with the Tinkerer for the Orb, and discover the First and Forsaken Lion’s plan to create a shadowland in Gem. The Tinkerer and his people leave Dari. The Solars return to Paragon and give the Orb to the Perfect in exchange for boons.

15 Descending Wood, 769: Zhui and the Paragon engineers and geomancers begin work to restore the Dari factory-cathedral. Arem joins the White Veil Society.

16 Descending Wood, 769: Zan cures Clam’s liver cancer.

17 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars set sail for Chiaroscuro.

19 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars remember Meticulous Owl. The Solars rescue Shyren and Mercy. Zan receives Fellowship.

21 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars arrive in Chiaroscuro. Zan meets Shienn. Zhui meets Azaelea.

22 Descending Wood, 769: The Messenger goes into business. Lirell becomes an enlightened mortal. Arem performs his first job with the White Veil Society, gathering information on Shoru Hamas. Arem works the Chiaroscuran markets and Delzahn middle class.

23 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars cleanse the Shoru household of the Green Sun Wasting. Arem reworks the Delzahn middle class. The Solars and their entourage investigate the Wasting. The Solars meet Grandmother Bright. Marras shoots Lina. Zhui meets up with Sin. Zan kills Marras. The Solars meet Ligier.

24 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars talk to Ligier and learn about the first Saigoth and the Machine. Ligier kills many and incapacitates Zan. Sin leaves. The Solars discover that Tyre is possessed by the Harbinger, and remember Saigoth. The Solars defeat the Harbinger and run him out of Chiaroscuro. The Solars meet Still River Sky.

25 Descending Wood, 769: Arem meets with a divine contact in the White Veil Society and creates Ihal Nafki. Zan learns Forceful Declaration Style with Shienn, Shyren and Mercy. Zan heals Shienn’s arm. Gluttonous Sin Eater visits Arem.

26 Descending Wood, 769: Zhui learns Sin’s Motivation and Urge, and attunes Forestalling the Inevitable. The Solars depart Chiaroscuro. Arem collects his debt from Ligier, and the Solars learn more about Infernal exaltations and Urges.

27 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars discover that they have been followed by a Sidereal, but the Sidereal escapes.

28 Descending Wood, 769: The Solars arrive at Kriss and save the city from a fire brought on by terrorist attacks. The Solars meet Deneb the City Mother, and hear about Hardship-Tempered Steel, the Vanisher, and the Harborhead attacks on Talt. The Solars convince the Wizarat to accept their deal.

1 Ascending Fire, 769: Zhui, Soren and Lina learn astrology and Varang history in Kriss. The Solars meet the Vanisher. The Solars investigate the terrorists and set up the Retributors for arrest.

2 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars depart Kriss.

3 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars pass through Grall.

5 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars arrive at Mount Hlass and bypass the Realm Legion. The Solars find the ruins of Hlass and fight non-sentient Dragon Kings. The Solars meet Anandravasi and investigate the Hlass shadowland. The Solars meet and fight Tarnished Golden Iconoclast, who escapes into the Labyrinth.

6 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars investigate the Eye of the Mountain. Zan and Arem sleep in Anandravasi’s lair. The Solars investigate the Wyld-tainted parts of Hlass. The Solars fight Seris and wake Unseen Knife. Shades of Saffron and Strategos Cynis Aralad capture Lina. Zan prevents Scalelord Cathak Daine and her men from reaching Lodestar. Zhui duels and defeats Aralad. Arem defeats Saffron. Lina exalts. The Solars confront Steel, Arduin and Jingaad, who escape the Legion. Zan fights Brother Mountain and becomes a priest of the Unconquered Sun. Zhui and Arem prevent the Vanisher, Havesh, from killing Steel. Winglord Nellens Olan grants Lieutenant Leran and twenty other Legionnaires leave to follow Zhui.

7 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars learn about Autochthonia from Iconoclast’s mortals.

10 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars meet up with Steel, Arduin and Jingaad. The Solars save Maril’s life after an attempt by Pandit Shinha to poison him. Zhui becomes Lina’s shadow finger.

11 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars depart Kriss.

15 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars arrive at Behemoth Isle. The Solars investigate false ruins, fight Nia and her raksha, and escape the island behemoth. The Solars make a deal with Nia and depart Behemoth Isle.

16 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars gather wood and poisons from the Bayou of Endless Regret.

17 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars fight the Thornguard, and meet Obsidian. The Solars discover that Bliss has ostensibly disappeared in the Bayou. The Solars and the crew build and christen Blackstar. The Solars enter the Labyrinth in search of Bliss and find an echo of the Arbiter’s fortress.

18 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars find the Iconoclast’s foundry and track Bliss to Zhokai. Zhui recruits the ghost sheedai to Dari. The Solars enter Zhokai, visit the temple of Autochthon and attend the Zhokai’s sacrificial party. Zan defeats the Iconoclast. Arem defeats Zhokai and rescues Bliss. Zhui defeats Joy.

19 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars learn about Alchemical Exalts. The Solars depart the Labyrinth.

20 Ascending Fire, 769: Zan questions the Iconoclast and learns the location of the entrance to Autochthonia. Zhui deattunes Forestalling the Inevitable. Joy and Zhui find Arlin’s star in the Underworld.

21 Ascending Fire, 769: Lodestar and Blackstar sail for Celeren. Bliss, Joy and the Solars enter the Labyrinth, fight a hekatonkhire, visit the House of Succulent Tears, and discover that the map from Silur’s Labyrinth tomb leads to Gradafes and the lair of the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. Zhui begins studying Dark Messiah Style with Joy.

22 Ascending Fire, 769: Bliss departs for Thorns. The Solars and Joy speak to the Unconquered Sun, and the Solars receive power. The Solars and Joy depart for the Mourning Field.

23 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars send all of the specters in the Mourning Field to Lethe. Zan retrieves Cat’s cache egg and obtains the Red Roar.

24 Ascending Fire, 769: Zhui’s shadow finger connection to Lina is lost. Arcadia helps the Solars find a ship that will take them to the crew. The Solars, Joy and Arcadia defeat a group of anuhles sent by the Ebon Dragon to assassinate the Solars. The Solars board Sagera’s Defeat to find the crew and meet Captain Teresu Sanai.

26 Ascending Fire, 769: The Solars rescue Lodestar from a Thorns ship. The Solars defeat Peleps Anadi and her men, and rescue Blackstar and her crew. Joy experiences a Resonance eruption, which kills Osan Choji.

27 Ascending Fire, 769: Arcadia kidnaps Lina. Zhui and the crew depart for Lookshy. Zan cures the Iconoclast of the Blight, and he becomes Unbreakable Golden Altar again. Zhui holds a funeral for Choji, and sends the Ebon Dragon cultist/All-Seeing Eye agent Viran to spy on the cult for him. The Resonance storm ends. Zan, Arem, Joy, Clam and Knife depart for Lookshy.

28 Ascending Fire, 769: Zhui, Taoru, Lirell, Soren, Leran and Nelo depart for Sijan.

1 Resplendent Fire, 769: Zan, Arem, Joy, Clam, Knife and Altar arrive in Lookshy, and meet with Teresu Sanai and the Lookshy General Staff. Zan, Arem, Joy, Knife and Altar depart for Sijan.

2 Resplendent Fire, 769: Zhui and his entourage arrive in Sijan and enters Yu-Shan. Zhui speaks with Ayesha Ura and with Chejop Kejak. Zan, Arem and their entourage arrive in Sijan, encounter Sin, and enter Yu-Shan. Joy becomes a Circlemate. The Circle gains access to the Salient of the Unconquered Sun and its armory. Zan duels and defeats Temper. Zhui witnesses Sin’s Black Mirror Shintai. The Circle meets Thorleif as the New Solar Deliberative arrives in Yu-Shan. Battle for the Salient of the Unconquered Sun. Shin dies. Hush, Wisp and Sweetest arrive in Whitewall.

3 Resplendent Fire, 769: The Solars speak with Luna in her dreamscape. Sin attempts to kill Joy. The New Solar Deliberative departs Yu-Shan. Hush, Wisp and Sweetest take Whitewall. Okurya, Sight of Steel, Bulwark Jace, and Skald die. Wisp dies. Hush, Snowsong and Cinna escape to Malfeas while Seth marches an army of demons into Whitewall. Zhui learns how to restore Devon’s writings. Zan holds a funeral for Shin and his soldiers. Economic Crash of Yu-Shan. Zan and Arem investigate the impending Yu-Shan riots. Zhui reads the Loom and accidentally activates resonance between Ligier’s Eye of Fate and the Exile’s enchantment. The Circle arrives at Whitewall with Ayesha Ura and Thorleif. Arem impersonates Ligier to gain entry to the city. Zhui and Joy rescue Alder Stroud while Zan decimates the occupying armies and Arem runs Seth out of the city. The mortals of Whitewall riot against Solars. Zhui, Joy and the Youxia fight Sweetest and Lyonne. Sweetest dies at midnight.

4 Resplendent Fire, 769: Zhui restores Whitewall’s geomancy. Zan defeats the Bishop in a prayer battle, and the Solars are blessed by the Unconquered Sun. Battle for the Liberation of Whitewall. The Circle defeats the Bishop, who is discorporated. The Circle returns to Yu-Shan, meets Lytek, and receives a decree from the Unconquered Sun with which it becomes known as the Reeves of the Salient.

Campaign Timeline of Events

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