Tag: Silver Prince


  • Moray Darktide

    Dawn Caste Serves the Silver Prince Manned the checkpoint through which the Last Innocent brought the Solars on their way out of Skullstone. Has been noted by Joy as a potential ally in the attempt to retrieve Joy's monstrance.

  • Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

    Day Caste Serves the Silver Prince Joy's replacement in the Circle known as the Hand of Skullstone. Escaped from Devon's Retreat before the Solars sent it to its southwestern Journey point, when the Hand came looking for Joy and for information …

  • Binder in Chains

    Moonshadow Caste Serves the Silver Prince Attempted to negotiate with the Solars at Devon's Retreat. Her previous incarnation, Songbird's Eternal Dive, was killed by Shin during the hunt for the implosion bow. As a mortal, Songbird's name was …