Tag: Raksha


  • Pearl Court

    Raksha court in the West. Ruled by [[:judge-nehemeth]]. Other notable denizens: [[:lord-coraydo]], [[:sweeter-than-honey]] All present in the freehold must follow the laws that Judge Nehemeth periodically sets down. The raksha of this freehold …

  • Isle of Rainbow Coral

    A small island in the Southwest, roughly halfway between the [[Wavecrest Archipelago]] and [[An-Teng]]. Notable denizens: [[:lady-asimar | Lady Asimar]] Lunar protectors/advisors: [[:brilliant-eyes | Brilliant Eyes]], [[:junan-waveskimmer | Junan …

  • Sir Red

    A raksha noble who dueled with the Wyld simulacrum of the Unimpeachable Arbiter to seek revenge for the death of his brother, Lord Nuraxes.

  • Unimpeachable Arbiter (Fair Folk)

    A raksha noble who took up the role of the Unimpeachable Arbiter according to an ancient story that the Wyld has been perpetuating in a simulacrum of the actual Arbiter's temple-fortress. Participates in an endless string of duels fought to avenge his …

  • Chief Deep Kraken

    Leader of a tribe of relatively peaceful raksha. Enlisted the Solars' help to avoid being conquered by missionaries of the Church of Balor.

  • High Father of the Church of Balor

    Deceased. Leader of a sect of missionaries for the Church of Balor. The Solars killed him as part of a deal struck with Chief Deep Kraken. Commanded a squidbird. "a giant of a man (at least seven feet tall) with dark red skin. He is reading what …

  • Lord Honesty

    Raksha noble who presides over a realm in which everything spoken must be a lie. Was consulted by the Circle once for directions to the ship graveyard and once for information about the captured Parfolk. Zhui accidentally spoke something that was not a …

  • Friend

    Raksha guide through the Western Wyld. Introduced to the Solars by Junan on the way to the Pearl Court to rescue the Parfolk. Lives in a cabin that floats on the ocean.

  • Judge Nehemeth

    Raksha noble who presides over the Pearl Court. She constantly dictates new laws and punishes any who do not follow them.

  • Lord Coraydo

    Raksha noble of the Pearl Court. Arem and Zhui defeated him at Odd's Bodkins in an attempt to win back the Parfolk.

  • Sweeter than Honey

    Raksha noble, a musician in the Pearl Court. Bought and kept a group of Parfolk as slave apprentices, including Ren and Zam.

  • Shatters the Horizon

    Unshaped raksha. Junan Waveskimmer held her off in the Middlemarches while the Solars and crew sailed into the Wyld storm that led them to Saigoth.

  • Lady Asimar

    Raksha noble who was rescued from the eristrufa by the Solars. Rules the Isle of Rainbow Coral, an island of mortals, as a social experiment to see whether raksha and Creation-born can coexist peacefully, run by Junan Waveskimmer, So and Brilliant Eyes. …

  • Echo

    Raksha noble. Aided the Solars in finding the Patient Tinkerer and the Orb of Peace and Order.

  • Patient Tinkerer On Behalf of Rakshakind

    Raksha noble. Master of the freehold that was previously located in Dari. Found and experimented on the Orb of Peace and Order in an attempt to figure out how raksha and Creation-born could live together in peace. Traded the Orb to the Solars in …

  • Solru Tor

    Deceased Fair Folk noble, to whom the Sword of the Iceburnt Heart was attuned. Fought and was killed by the Solars on Behemoth Isle.

  • Nia, Strategos of Rakshastan

    Fair Folk noble who worked with Solru Tor to lure unsuspecting travelers with an island behemoth and the Sword of the Iceburnt Heart on Behemoth Isle. Was captured by Zan and, after teaching Zhui about graces and grace magic, was banished from Creation by …