Tag: Mortals


  • Clam

    Boatswain and ship's cook of _Creation's Lodestar_ Enlightened mortal Originally from Skullstone

  • Shahz Taoru

    Acting Commander of _Blackstar_ Enlightened mortal Originally a street rat from Chiaroscuro, was an Immaculate monk who studied the Way of Danaa'd. In a relationship with Lina.

  • Toha

    Former servant of Sesus Taj. Spoke with Zan about the concept of Anathema and the culture of the Realm.

  • Emissary

    A female Emissary of Perfect Water. The Solars picked her up from a boat where she had been stranded and gave her a lift to Crescent. Dark skin, long braid

  • Crescent Madame

    Madame of a brothel in Crescent. Was a victim of the plague created by Shattered Goblet Laced with Lies. Gave sacks of herbs to the Solars to ward off disease.

  • Dancer in red

    An exotic dancer dressed in red silk scarves. Pale skin, white hair. Was an agent of the Wyld Hunt in Gullwing.

  • Xango

    Heroic mortal Cousin to Zan Helped the Solars track down the missing Parfolk. Refused to submit to Shin's attempt to subjugate the West. Now admiral of an unknown fleet in the West that originated on Par, advised by Kanaka.

  • Togo

    Mortal Dream-eaten resident of Par, an older man. Cured by Zan.

  • Kay

    Mortal Resident of Par "a girl in her early twenties...with whom Zan has had a few good times"

  • Ren

    Mortal 14-year-old girl, resident of Par. Was left behind as Sweeter than Honey's slave apprentice when the Solars rescued the Parfolk from the Pearl Court.

  • Zam

    Mortal Resident of Par Wife: Kora. Son: Zan. Was dream-eaten by raksha, but cured by Zan. Last seen at the Pinnacle of Mercy. Last known location: on the way to Yu-Shan with Kora and the Golden Lord. "middle-aged, slightly potbellied, …

  • Karl

    Mortal Formerly a follower of Shin's. Arem questioned him for information on the whereabouts of Shin's manse. Has an eyepatch. Is "tall, lanky, well-muscled" and wields a spear.

  • Kori

    Deceased Mortal Resident of Par One of the Parfolk that Shin converted to Sun worship. Died in the attempt to fend off the Wyld Hunt after the Solars left. "A young man...dark-skinned, fair-haired"

  • Majordomo

    Possibly deceased Mortal Admiral Calin's majordomo. Negotiated with Zan and Arem (in disguise) at Netar's promotion party for the sale of the Parfolk. Extremely snarky. Presumed dead in the destruction of Starfall by Ligier. "an immaculately- …

  • Oma

    Mortal Resident of Par One of the Parfolk converted by Shin, sold to Ledaal Calin and rescued by the Solars at Starfall. "a skinny islander boy--maybe 19"

  • Teela

    Mortal Resident of Par (female) One of the Parfolk converted by Shin, sold to Admiral Calin and rescued by the Solars.

  • Kora

    Enlightened mortal Resident of Par Husband: Zam. Son: Zan. Was converted to Sun worship by Shin and sold as a slave to Ledaal Calin. Rescued by the Solars at Starfall. Last seen at the Pinnacle of Mercy. Last known location: on the way to …

  • Peleps Lirell

    Enlightened mortal Husband: Peleps Arlin (deceased). Children: Peleps Guion, Peleps Dalai, Peleps Ruyin. Sister: Peleps Kara (obnoxious busybody), married to Cynis Dairo (Thousand Scales bureaucrat). Was deceived by Netar and lived with her for …

  • Gwalt

    Mortal Sells the best lumber in Gateway. "He's a middle-aged man with a substantial sideburn-whisker thing going on."

  • CJ Morgan

    aka Carver J. Morgan Mortal "One of the richest citizens of Wavecrest... has apparently managed to avoid paying taxes for ten years. Somehow. It's estimated that he owes (Resources 5)." Founded and ran an orphanage. Lost most of his money repeatedly …

  • Bitter Irony

    Mortal Customer for whom Lodestar shipped several crates of iron from Gateway to the City of the Steel Lotus. "a rather skinny-looking man with a bad mustache"

  • Areno

    Mortal Shipbuilder with quality merchandise in the City of the Steel Lotus. Zhui bought Compass Rose from him.

  • Brin

    Deceased Mortal With Lina, led the group of orphans in the forest between the City of the Steel Lotus and Prosperous Garden. Was killed by the Blood Knight. Was noted by Wokish to have been a strong candidate for Solar exaltation. "a tall boy, …

  • Oran

    Mortal Priest of the Golden Lord in the temple in Prosperous Garden. Gave the Solars information about the Golden Lord and the Pale Mistress. "olive-skinned, with a not-so-full head of hair"

  • Keo Tijan

    Mortal A Cecelynian cultist in Prosperous Garden. Zhui, Zan and Lirell posed as a family of Western merchants to pump him for information about Five Days Darkness and the mana locust trade. "a handsome young man--about Zan's age, maybe younger--with …

  • Arno Tijan

    Mortal Keo Tijan's cousin and fiancee. "a pretty young woman, with pale blonde hair"

  • Aurey

    Mortal Five Days Darkness' assistant. "A man in black...a gloved hand...long black hair playing about his handsome face...His eyes are concealed by dark glasses." Carries Five Days Darkness on his shoulder in the form of a raven.

  • Nora Sveldtham

    Mortal Helped Zan perform research in Adorned with Wisdom as a Sapphire. Was saved by Zan from the kalyei. Originally from Whitewall. "A rather intelligent-looking young woman...She has small glasses and big...brains, probably."

  • Burly woman

    Mortal A burly woman at a bar where Zan went on a date with Nora in Adorned with Wisdom as a Sapphire. Kicked a man with sleeping sickness out of the bar, for which Zan started a brawl with her (and half the bar).

  • Somu

    Mortal Priest of the Cult of the Illuminated cell that took the Solars in for the night in a village in the Lap, after they fought a gilmyne and its allies. An older man.

  • Sango

    Mortal Child in Butternut, orphaned when his parents became followers of Durance and then Bliss killed them. Left behind with the other children of the village for the Realm Legions to take care of when they arrived.

  • Jonya

    Mortal Servant in the palace at the Penitent. Provided information to Wokish and the Solars about the activities and supposed poor health of Queen Oridia (Sin). Arranged for the Solars to meet the queen.

  • Vallish Argo

    Mortal King of the Lap. Married Oridia (Sin) just before he ascended to the throne upon the death of the previous king. Enjoys languages, though is not very good at them. Studied agriculture at the Jade Sickle Academy. "a small man in nice robes." …

  • Ongra

    Mortal Elderly thaumaturgist, a wise man from a village in the Lap. Used the ritual Canticle for Hope to call the Solars to Lake Granias; learned the ritual from the Cult of the Illuminated. Helped Zhui and Soren call a storm to disrupt Durance's …

  • Eia

    Mortal Originally a farmer's daughter in the Lap. Victim of abuse at Durance's hands. Was buried alive as part of a scheme to prove a point to the Solars, and rescued by Zan and Arem. "Prettier than average"

  • Royan

    Mortal Commander of the sepoys at the Battle of Lake Granias. Zhui's second-in-command in the archer unit.

  • Scrawny Boy

    Mortal A bullied boy in a village in the West, destined to become a Solar someday. Was encouraged by Iron Temper to stand up for himself, which set into motion a series of events that will lead to his exaltation.

  • Tever Marsune

    Mortal Cousin to Vallish Argo, was another heir to the throne of the Lap. Was captured by Durance and then deliberately let go so that he could warn the Penitent of Queen Oridia's true nature as an Infernal (Sin).

  • Honzo

    Mortal Fisherman in the Lap. Zan convinced him that he could be more than just a fisherman. What sort of Honzo does _he_ want to be? But his is a story for another day.

  • Haolee

    Mortal Guild merchant Met the Solars while chasing down a boat full of escaped slaves. The Solars bought the slaves from her and freed them in Paragon. "a pleasant-looking, slightly heavy-set red-haired woman."

  • Former Haberdasher Slave

    Mortal Formerly a slave owned by a haberdasher. Led and escaped with a group of fellow slaves, who were rescued from the Guild ship chasing them by the Solars, who bought them and then freed them in Paragon.

  • Paragonese barkeep

    Mortal Barkeep in a "hole-in-the-wall fast food establishment." Gave the Solars the rundown on culture and social structure in Paragon. "A chubby barkeep"

  • Perfect of Paragon

    Enlightened mortal Ruler of Paragon, wielder of the Scepter of Peace and Order Enlisted the Solars' help in retrieving the Orb of Peace and Order from the Patient Tinkerer. Allowed Zhui to send outcastes from Varang to work in the Dari factory- …

  • Azaelea

    Mortal An artist and friend of Soren's from Chiaroscuro, on whom Soren has a crush. Taught Zhui about glassworking, acoustic craftsmanship, and painting. Zhui paid to send her to Dari to see First Age architecture and work in the factory-cathedral. …

  • Shoru Hamas

    Mortals Merchant, formerly of the Realm. Now lives in Chiaroscuro. Relatively wealthy man. Fairly respected. Daughter: Tess. Wife: name unknown. Bought a stained glass window in the Undercity that was infected with the Green Sun Wasting, …

  • Moga

    Deceased Mortal Resident of Par Formerly the medicine woman on Par. Taught Zan medicine and trained him to succeed her. Suffered from mental illness due to age, and died after leaping from a cliff into the ocean.

  • Ina

    Mortal Resident of Par Girl roughly Zan's age, to whom he was close. Watched him show off his strength often with her friends.

  • Queen Vefridr

    Deceased Mortal Former queen of the now-defunct kingdom of Vielfrass Husband: King Arinnbjorn (deceased). Children: Arem (among others). Brother: Thorvardor, Defender of the Crown (deceased?). Niece: Thorleif. Fled Vielfrass with Arem and …

  • Thorvardor

    Deceased (?) Mortal Formerly Defender of the Crown in the now-defunct kingdom of Vielfrass. Daughter: Thorleif. Sister: Queen Vefridr (deceased). Brother-in-law: King Arinnbjorn (deceased). Nephew: Arem. "tall and rather stately-seeming-- …

  • King Arinnbjorn

    Deceased Mortal Former king of the now-defunct kingdom of Vielfrass Wife: Queen Vefridr (deceased). Children: Arem (among others). Brother-in-law: Thorvardor, Defender of the Crown (deceased?). Niece: Thorleif. Father: Adelbert (deceased). Was …

  • Cynis Tyla

    Mortal Was engaged to Peleps Guion, but the engagement was broken off when Tyla helped Guion gain a position on his cousin Kyrin's ship for the Circumnavigation and then convinced her parents to allow her to marry someone else. "Her hair is a light, …

  • Sesus Laika

    Mortal (?) Was Peleps Guion's classmate and academic rival. "She's wearing a rather fine, tasteful outfit. Pants, not a skirt...She's pretty in a rather pointed way."

  • Maril

    Mortal Pandit of Kriss Recruited the Solars to assist with changing Varang for the better. Now works with Hardship-Tempered Steel and his followers to mitigate Varang's xenophobia and Caste structure. "young, friendly-seeming fellow"

  • Retributor Guard

    Mortal Junior member of the Retributor terrorist group in Kriss who guarded their basement stronghold under the local Guildhall. The Solars questioned him about the terrorists' activities, and Zan charged him with helping to set up a trap in which to …

  • Tass

    Mortal Pandit of Kriss The eldest of the pandits. Involved in a conspiracy with the Retributors and disgruntled former members of the militia to attack civilian targets and illegally transport firedust.

  • Captain Ronal Menaseh

    Mortal Captain of a ship which patrols a checkpoint along the Hokaj River at the city of Grall. Tried to stop the Solars from proceeding through Grall, but was rebuffed.

  • Lieutenant Leran

    Enlightened mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, now a member of Zhui's crew, along with nineteen other Legionnaires. Followed Zhui into battle at the siege of Mount Hlass, then joined Zhui's crew along with the rest of his men. Had been looking for …

  • Metsubou Gremlin #3934

    Mortal Was a Varangian citizen until she was fitted with gremlin armor by the Iconoclast. Rescued by the Solars from the ruins of Hlass. Was dropped off at a hospital in Kriss along with the other mortals who were claimed by the Iconoclast.

  • Pandit Shinha

    Mortals Pandit of Kriss "Shinha's deal is that she's young, ambitious, and pretty cold. She hasn't made much of a name for herself yet." Attempted to assassinate Maril by poison. The Solars saved Maril and exposed Shinha's crime. "pretty young …

  • Kriss Mara Cultist

    Mortals A cultist of Mara in Kriss who gave to Zhui a book of thaumaturgical rituals, including Beckon (Mara). "He wears a silk robe, tied loosely. His smile is slightly dazed, but careful attention shows that his eyes are still sharp."

  • Thornguard Mortal

    Deceased Mortal Member of the Thornguard who led a group of ghosts into the Bayou of Endless Regret to chase Obsidian. Was killed by Zan. His ghost was questioned for information about Bliss' kidnapping, and then destroyed by Zhui. "A large man, …

  • Lar

    Mortal? Lookshyan captain One of the captains sent south to Marukan to investigate tales of Wood Fleet raids. Teresu Sanai convinced him to stay out of the matter and let the Solars handle it. "a grim-faced fellow, his whiskers shaved mercilessly"

  • Pai Nelo

    Mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, but joined Zhui's crew along with Leran and other Legionnaires. Volunteered to accompany Zhui to Yu-Shan in order to retrieve Lina. "nervously convicted"

  • Osan Choji

    Deceased Mortal Formerly a Realm Legionnaire, but joined Zhui's crew along with Leran and other Legionnaires. Was killed in Joy's resonance eruption off the coast of Marukan.

  • Viran

    Mortal Lived in the Realm for years, but originally grew up in the Scavenger Lands. Ebon Dragon cultist, assassin and spy, posing as a member of the All-Seeing Eye. Was among the assassins sent by Netar to kill or capture Zhui along with the Wyld …

  • Shara Jensen

    Mortal Children: Saelun Jensen (now Beneath the Hush of Winter) Whitewall government functionary. In a relationship with Snowsong. "pale blonde hair" ... "Shara's feelings are, however, concealed behind her quiet smile. As they always have been."

  • Lera

    Mortal Lost her sister in the fall of Whitewall, and was forced to kill her sister's zombie. Led a group of her fellow mortals in an attempt to kill Upon the White Tower while influenced by the Bishop's enchantment. Was put to sleep by Tower.

  • Peleps Ruyin

    Heroic mortal Father: Peleps Arlin (deceased). Mother: Peleps Lirell. Siblings: Peleps Dalai, Peleps Guion. Eldest child of Arlin's household. Captain of the Air Fleet ship _Mela's Pride._ Tall, red hair, walks like a sailor.