Tag: Lookshy


  • Teresu Sanai

    Air Aspect Lookshyan General Staff councillor and captain of the _Sagera's Defeat_ Interventionist faction Gave the Solars, Joy and Cade a lift to rescue the crew off the coast of Marukan, the result of Cade's Serendipitous Voyage, as a measure …

  • Lar

    Mortal? Lookshyan captain One of the captains sent south to Marukan to investigate tales of Wood Fleet raids. Teresu Sanai convinced him to stay out of the matter and let the Solars handle it. "a grim-faced fellow, his whiskers shaved mercilessly"

  • Yushoto Eya

    ? Lookshyan General Staff councillor Purist faction Immaculate, has a shaven head

  • Halasen

    ? Aspect Lookshyan sailor who transported Zan, Arem, Joy, Altar and Knife from Lookshy to Sijan on his riverboat, the _Floating Petal._