Tag: Lap


  • Butternut

    A small town in the Lap, now a ghost town. Major features: one tavern, below which used to be an entrance to a network of underground tunnels maintained by [[:durance | Durance's]] cults to Cecelyne. Major events: * The Solars met [[:blissful- …

  • Darazi‚Äôs Chair

    A small village in the Lap. Named after Darazi, a popular Realm noble who funded the founding of the village. The Solars met [[:dozima-wokish | Dozima Wokish]] here and discovered Lina's destiny.

  • Battle for Lake Granias

    h5. 15-22 Resplendent Wood, RY 769 Scalelord [[:cathak-janora | Cathak Janora]] tracked [[:durance | Durance]] south to [[Lake Granias]], where she set up a camp of Legionnaires and Lap sepoys to defend the lake from Durance's forces. The camp began …

  • Long Orchard

    A village in the south of the Lap, now ruined. Half-burnt to the ground by [[:durance | Durance]] during his campaign of destruction and subsequently abandoned. The Solars met up with [[:cathak-janora | Cathak Janora]] here before proceeding south …