Tag: Incarnae


  • Unconquered Sun

    Incarna of the sun. Gave Zhui his Resplendent Personal Assistant when he exalted. Spoke to the Solars in the Dari temple, in response to Zan's prayer. Helped fight off Ligier's demon invasion of Yu-Shan. Ordained Zan as a priest at the battle at Mt. …

  • Luna

    Incarna of the moon. Halted time after the battle at the Salient in order to speak with the Solars in response to Zan's prayer. Showed the Solars visions of the past, including Thorleif's and Arlin's exaltations. "Luna's eyes shift in color even as …

  • Saturn

    The Maiden of Endings, one of the five Maidens of Destiny, Incarnae of Fate Spoke to Zhui in a vision of Saigoth and the Underworld at the Loom. Told Zhui about the existence of _samsara._