Tag: House Sesus


  • Sesus Taj

    Deceased Fire Aspect Hired Zhui and his crew to take him as a passenger, was killed when a fight broke out and he discovered that the Solars were Anathema. Original owner of the daikalbar Vengeance.

  • Sesus Netar

    Water Aspect Rear Admiral in the Realm Water Fleet Formerly captain to Arlin and Guion. Killed Arlin and, subsequently, her whole crew. Defeated Zhui in a duel at Starfall, but declined to kill him in front of Lirell, whom she loved. Sent a Wyld …

  • Sesus Toran

    Fire Aspect Formerly served Durance. Was converted to loyalty with mana locusts. Fought the Solars in the desert and was defeated. Janora took him back to the Realm; current condition and location unknown. Wears red armor.

  • Sesus Laika

    Mortal (?) Was Peleps Guion's classmate and academic rival. "She's wearing a rather fine, tasteful outfit. Pants, not a skirt...She's pretty in a rather pointed way."