Tag: House Cathak


  • Cathak Janora

    Fire Aspect Met the Solars in a village in the Lap, while trying to hunt down Durance and his demons. Met up with them again at Lake Granias, where they helped her turn back Durance's assault and hold the lake. Helped the Solars track down and kill …

  • Cathak Letal

    General of the Fourth Legion, in the Lap. Incompetent at war but a skilled socialite. A bit of an embarrassment to House Cathak. Met the Solars at dinner with Queen Oridia (Sin) in the Lap.

  • Cathak Daine

    Fire Aspect Scalelord of the Realm Legions Served under Strategos Cynis Aralad at Mount Hlass. Was stationed with her men to guard _Lodestar_ and the crew, and was defeated by Zan.