Tag: Dragonbloods


  • Sesus Taj

    Deceased Fire Aspect Hired Zhui and his crew to take him as a passenger, was killed when a fight broke out and he discovered that the Solars were Anathema. Original owner of the daikalbar Vengeance.

  • Peleps Dalai

    Wood Aspect Dragonblood, Immaculate monk Father: Peleps Arlin (deceased). Mother: Peleps Lirell. Siblings: Peleps Guion, Peleps Ruyin. Joined the Wyld Hunt to look for Zhui. Began to question his faith after talking to Zhui in Azure. Declined to …

  • Cynis Megara

    Water Aspect Teamed up with the Solars in the hunt for the implosion bow and studied a graveyard of First Age ships with Zhui. Met up with the Solars again in Azure when Nemesis arrested them and took them to Yu-Shan. Met up with them again in Adorned …

  • Joachin

    Earth Aspect Guild factor Arem's childhood friend, the son of Arem and Bliss' former master (also a Guild factor). Known for more honorable dealings than most of the Guild. Sold six Parfolk and an invitation to Netar's promotion party to the Solars …

  • Ledaal Calin

    Air Aspect Admiral of the Realm Water Fleet Hosted Netar's promotion party at Starfall. Ordered Netar to take part in the duel that Zhui instigated. Allowed the Solars to escape the mansion after Zhui was defeated. Last seen at Starfall.

  • Sesus Netar

    Water Aspect Rear Admiral in the Realm Water Fleet Formerly captain to Arlin and Guion. Killed Arlin and, subsequently, her whole crew. Defeated Zhui in a duel at Starfall, but declined to kill him in front of Lirell, whom she loved. Sent a Wyld …

  • Cathak Janora

    Fire Aspect Met the Solars in a village in the Lap, while trying to hunt down Durance and his demons. Met up with them again at Lake Granias, where they helped her turn back Durance's assault and hold the lake. Helped the Solars track down and kill …

  • Cathak Letal

    General of the Fourth Legion, in the Lap. Incompetent at war but a skilled socialite. A bit of an embarrassment to House Cathak. Met the Solars at dinner with Queen Oridia (Sin) in the Lap.

  • Mnemon Inai

    Deceased Served Durance. Was killed by Zan in the Battle of Lake Granias. Left behind the obsidian butterfly from which Zhui learned the spell Death of Obsidian Butterflies.

  • Kugo

    Earth Aspect Akuma of Malfeas Lover of Nero Nearly killed Still River Sky when he came to investigate the destruction of Starfall. Helped Nero steal the starmetal from Starfall. Fought the Sidereals in a volcano near Gem and forced them to …

  • Sesus Toran

    Fire Aspect Formerly served Durance. Was converted to loyalty with mana locusts. Fought the Solars in the desert and was defeated. Janora took him back to the Realm; current condition and location unknown. Wears red armor.

  • Shienn

    aka the Thorn on the World Tree Wood Aspect Outcaste Runs a forge in Chiaroscuro Zan's sifu in the Art of Forceful Declaration. Helped the Solars investigate the Green Sun Wasting. Used to have a prosthetic jade arm, but her original arm was …

  • Peleps Kyrin

    Water Aspect Young, brash, arrogant cousin of Peleps Guion. Guion joined his crew as the helmsman on the Circumnavigation. Was kidnapped by Fair Folk during Calibration while on the Circumnavigation and rescued by his crew.

  • Cynis Aralad

    Wood Aspect Strategos of the Realm Legions "Came from a richer part of the Cynis House. Competent, skilled, has a pretty unsavory reputation, though. Rumors about unpleasant things done in times of war, and in the confines of his own home. He likes …

  • Cathak Daine

    Fire Aspect Scalelord of the Realm Legions Served under Strategos Cynis Aralad at Mount Hlass. Was stationed with her men to guard _Lodestar_ and the crew, and was defeated by Zan.

  • Nellens Olan

    ? Aspect Winglord of the Realm Legions Allowed Zhui to lead a talon of Realm soldiers at the siege of Mount Hlass, and then allowed those men to leave with Zhui despite the presence of the Wyld Hunt.

  • Arduin, the Twice-Lost Egg

    Air Aspect Outcaste Travels Creation with his partner Jingaad, engaging in various heroics. Joined up with Hardship-Tempered Steel in Varang in an attempt to gauge Solars and see whether the Immaculate teachings are true or not. Was seen …

  • Jingaad, Champion of the Downtrodden

    Fire Aspect Outcaste Travels Creation with his partner Arduin, engaging in various heroics. Joined up with Hardship-Tempered Steel in Varang in an attempt to gauge Solars and see whether the Immaculate teachings are true or not. Last seen in Kriss.

  • Brother Mountain

    Earth Aspect Immaculate monk Led the Wyld Hunt that sought Five Days Darkness in Prosperous Garden. Led the Wyld Hunt that accompanied the Legions at the siege of Mount Hlass. Fought Zan and was defeated when Zan became a priest of the Unconquered Sun. …

  • Teresu Sanai

    Air Aspect Lookshyan General Staff councillor and captain of the _Sagera's Defeat_ Interventionist faction Gave the Solars, Joy and Cade a lift to rescue the crew off the coast of Marukan, the result of Cade's Serendipitous Voyage, as a measure …

  • Peleps Anadi

    Water Aspect Immaculate monk Led the Wyld Hunt that was sent by Netar to capture Zhui, along with Ebon Dragon cultists posing as members of the All-Seeing Eye. Claimed that if she should fail, the Eye of the Hunt would fall upon Zhui and Peleps Deled …

  • Halasen

    ? Aspect Lookshyan sailor who transported Zan, Arem, Joy, Altar and Knife from Lookshy to Sijan on his riverboat, the _Floating Petal._

  • Kiral Sitam

    Deceased ? Aspect Dragonblooded servant of a Twilight in the First Age Crafted a replica of Merela's Crown of Thunders as a keepsake to remember her by, while she was having her tomb constructed. The replica crown currently resides in Merela's …