Harbinger of Lost Hope


Deathlord. Formerly Chosen of Journeys Tammiz Ushun.

Orchestrated the Solars’ exaltations. Performed Conclusive Wisdom on the Solars in his Underworld submarine (Underworld’s Heart) in exchange for information. Performed Two Score Mirror Glance on the Solars in Chiaroscuro to find out about Saigoth, but the Solars did not tell him.

Last seen possessing Tyre in Chiaroscuro and escaping back to the Underworld.

Last known activity: using necromancy to scry Zan and speak through Cade.

“a man with long blond hair and glasses…a handsome man, with a natural and easy smile…His eyes are yellow, like a wolf’s, but his smile is genuine…his outfit is one that would cause no small amount of scorn in Realm courts. He’s dressed like someone who doesn’t care about impressing anyone but himself.”

Harbinger of Lost Hope

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