Cynis Tyla



Was engaged to Peleps Guion, but the engagement was broken off when Tyla helped Guion gain a position on his cousin Kyrin’s ship for the Circumnavigation and then convinced her parents to allow her to marry someone else.

“Her hair is a light, wispy green, and she wears a similarly wispy dress that makes your mother’s seem conservative. Her expression is one of subtle—and sometimes not so subtle—mischief, and she’s fairly blase about many aspects of Dynast life. She’s also, well, fairly absorbed in having everyone’s attention. Particularly those who wish to see how low her dress’ neck goes. Her eyes are large and expressive, and she is a young woman with an appearance of being ripe for the plucking. Also, being a Cynis, she generally wears outfits that show off her rather impressive nipples. I mean, seriously.”

Cynis Tyla

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