Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible


Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
Labyrinth Circle Necromancy
Void Circle Necromancy
Dark Messiah Style
Mantis Style
Gentle Embrace Style



Formerly Assan the Wise, Zenith Caste

Sent a Circle of Abyssals to investigate the White-Fire River in Stygia. Sent the same Circle to take Whitewall. Wants to claim Marama’s Fell for his own.

Was so enraged when Sweetest betrayed him that he traveled to Creation’s Whitewall in order to punish her in person. By the time he got there, however, she was already dead. Was temporarily killed by the Solars and Joy, and vowed to return in one year and one day.

Abyssals: Beneath the Hush of Winter (now renegade); Broken Threads of Fate (now renegade); Shimmering Wisp of the Effluvium of Innocence (deceased); Sevenfold Song of Sweetest Despair (deceased); Endless Tale’s Fickle Lacuna (deceased); Dutiful Youxia of Creation’s Catacomb; Celebrant of Blood.

“An old man, benign, respectful, with his gnarled black walking staff always at hand…He sounds kindly, so kindly. There are even a few tufts of downy hair out of place.”

Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible

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